Herakles and the Princess of Troy


Hi. I'm Mike :)
I am making an awesome game that is just being developed by one guy and his cat. It is full of adventure and mystery. You can buy it now on Steam!



To get an idea of what this game is about, watch the trailer above. If you want to play the game, click the button below to check it out on Steam and try out the FREE demo!


Addicting combat

This game looks different than any other game because it plays different from any other game! You can climb up walls and ceilings!

The shape of people makes the high ground very advantageous! Leap over your enemies and destroy them.

If you run out of arrows or throw away your last spear, just pick up your enemy's! You might even have a couple of arrows in your head that you can pull out and use LOL xD

Map of Adventure!

Explore a land that is full of mystery! Experience an ancient story that was told over 3000 years ago! Follow crows, dolphins and other animals to lead you to secrets items!

You will Transform!

Bosses in this game have very unique weapons and items. Once you defeat them, you can wield them yourself!


This game is truly epic. There is a point in the game, where everyone who has played it gets goose bumps.



Master Ninja Wizard of Technology

I love games and coding. Why not combine the two? :D


Human Overseer

Hello traveler! I am Oscar. My human would lead you to believe he is the creator of this game.
In truth, I am the mastermind behind it. And once it is completed, I shall take over the World! Muahahahha!!!
But first, I must nap. Because, well...I'm a cat.

Team Members





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